Birthday On Southbank



It was my best friend’s birthday tonight so we ventured out to Southbank for a nice birthday dinner. Southbank has some of the most extravagant and expensive restaurants where spending hundreds on lobster is the norm. We however, went to a pub-type place where they specialize in American food: and we regret nothing. We all got mini Wagu Beef Burgers (3 on each plate), grilled broccolini and two different types of fries. It was like an upmarket diner. For any of those who are interested it was called The Merrywell. Just remember to where loose pants. And we didn’t stop there, we continued to consume cocktails and three types of cake for dessert. Definitely hitting the gym tomorrow!

I knew it was going to be a nice night, but since I am always 15 degrees colder than everyone it seems, I wore a midi skirt. They seem to be a running theme in most of my outfits. I love mini skirts as much as the next person, but midi skirts I find to be just as, or even more sexy. The front slit in the dress made it easier for me to walk up the stairs unlike the midi skirt I wore here which bound my legs together.

Here’s a small collection of photos from the night. Only having an iPhone means my opportunities to get nice photos is very limited to daylight.







ASOS Skirt

eBay Jacket

Tony Bianco Platforms

American Apparel Crop Top

Lovisa Chain

Basque Tote

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Snakes And Satan


Tonight was yet another adventure to Brunswick St, back to Naked for Satan. It’s definitely become a new favourite restaurant of mine. The idea is they have pintxos (pronounced pinchos) or finger food that you can eat in a couple of bites; and at $1 each you can’t go wrong! My favourite from tonight was the sundried tomato pesto with peas and crispy pancetta on ciabatta; channeling my italian heritage.

They also have th 5a8 is awesome upstairs area called Naked In The Sky which is the roof top bar overlooking the entire city.

I seemed to have unintentionally themed my outfit for the venue. Satan being red, I coincidently dressed in red. I also kept a theme of python texture running throughout my outfit with the snake print on my denim and waist belt. Also I finally conformed and bought a peplum top! Being someone with not a very hourglass figure, this style really accentuates my small waist while giving the illusion of wide hips. I felt a lot sexier in this top I must admit.

Another great thing about peplum is that you can eat as much as you want and conceal your food baby which saved me tonight!





Bardot Peplum Top

Jay Jays Jeans

ASOS Waist Belt

Glassons Boots

Lovisa Necklace

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I’ll Take You To The Movies


Tonight I went to go see The Host with my two girlfriends at Westfield. I must say it absolutely drowns Twilight; I may have even shed a year or two. Although I am a son story in nearly all movies. It was nice to go out and just relax and see a movie. I had to eat my dinner in the movies though because we had no time to eat at the food court. My Moroccan bean salad beats salty popcorn any day.

Although I usually just wear jeans and a t-shirt to shopping plazas, I was excited to wear my new skirt from Bardot. My sister and I went to the retail outlet a couple of days ago and I managed to get two great skirts for only $40! This one only being $15. Not many people like midi length skirts, so they ate usually the ones on sale which is perfect for me.

Apart from online shopping, ill definitely stick to outlet shopping. DFO will be my next shopping day for bargains. Having one ten minutes away from uni will be dangerous.

Also this skirt is actually a very deep green but it didn’t come up clearly in the photos.




Bardot Midi Skirt

Cotton On Basic Singlet

Sportsgirl Waist Belt

Dr. Martens Boots

Sterling Silver/Iron Ire Necklace (gift)


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Product Review: Jeffrey Campbell HOMG

photo 1 (3)

I bought these sneakers a while ago but I’ve seen that a lot of people search for reviews on google, so I thought I would do a review of the shoe to let you guys know what I think of them.

The two inch platform shoe features a canvas upper part with a rubber outsole, and a padded collar.

The nude edition of Jeffrey Campbell’s HOMG is not very common across online sites, but I managed to get my size at which are still available, and can be purchased here. But sizes are limited so be quick!

If the nude edition isn’t for you there is a few other prints including the tiger print, pink cosmic print, wolf print and for those cat fans, cat tapestry – which are all available from Karmaloop. There were other sites I found that stocked my size, but I trusted Karmaloop because I have ordered with them before and I know they’re reliable, and for an international site, they provide a fast delivery service; getting my shoes in only 11 days.  I originally purchased them for $68, but now the price has been reduced to $56 so get on it!

Before purchasing the shoe however, keep in mind that the does run small, so order a size bigger than your usual size. Another reason I recommend Karmaloop is that they provided this warning as part of the description, and not all shoe sites do this which makes it very frustrating when you receive a shoe that is too small. But not to worry, if the shoe arrives and it is a little tight socks are not needed because of the canvas material. When mine first arrived I had the issue of them being a little snug, but after I wore them without socks a couple of times they stretched enough for me to wear comfortable now with socks.

As you can expect with most sneakers, these are extremely comfortable (once I worn them in of course)! Although they look bulky and heavy they’re not at all. The rubber outsole is soft enough to give you a good cushion when walking and the padded collar ensures that the canvas doesn’t cause any rubbing against the skin. The platform may be daunting for some who just want to wear plain sneakers, but it does not inhibit your ability to walk comfortably or even run.

Another excellent thing feature about these shoes is that they’re easy to wash given the canvas material. I even used regular soap to remove a stain from the side of the shoe. Also the laces on this shoe are, like most sneakers, changeable. I am thinking of getting an orange pair of laces to match the rubber outsole. Just be sure to get the extra long ones.

Overall, like many other of Jeffrey Campbell’s shoes they have been a success! I can’t believe he is well known for the lita shoe when he has designed some great sneakers. The Hiya sneaker is very similar; I especially love the gold chain design on the white canvas. But I am lusting over the Kirk sneaker; which doesn’t have a platform (unusual for me).

The HOMG are super easy to style. Check my outfit posts here and here for examples of this.


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Easter Mass


This morning I was dragged to Easter mass with the family. I hadn’t been to church for three years so I felt a little obliged to go…one of the perks of having a very religious grandmother. But I had no idea what I was in for. What I thought would be a one hour mass in Italian turned out to be a three hour chorus of English, Spanish and Italian hymns and the rants of a very passionate priest. Needless to say I won’t be attending a church ceremony until my wedding day.

As for my outfit, I decided to pull out this cute black blazer. It was a little formal so teamed with a pair of jeans and cuffed the sleeves. I got this blazer over 8 years ago and it’s still in style. Although I love buying statement pieces like my Mossman fringe dress or Aqua By Aqua fluro orange pants, it’s essential to have some classic pieces like this black blazer, a lbd or a trench coat that are timeless and are perfect for any occassion.

As you can see I’m still into my green and orange phase. I seriously can’t get enough; so when I rediscovered these orange wedges I was over excited to wear them!

Now, after three very draining hours, I’m heading to my Nonnas for Easter lunch. Keep posted on my Atypical Look instagram page for a food porn explosion. Have a happy Easter!






Portmans Blazer

Ziggy Jeans

Portmans Basics Top

Country Road Scarf

Kotoure Wedges


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Fashion Connect 2013


Last night I went to L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival’s “intimate cocktail soiree” to spend the night with some of Melbourne’s fashionistas to raise money for HIV research. I was so excited to dress up and just see what other people in this industry wore. I treated this as a real life outfit inspiration board; and I definitely was inspired. I saw people reinvent beetle juice pants from the way the thirteen year olds wear them now; taking the military trend to a whole new level, unbelievable print combinations and sequins where I’ve never seen sequins before.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this night, the description said that industry guests would be there, but I think they were hiding in the VIP room the whole night which defeated the purpose – or maybe I just didn’t manage to see any of them. One thing I saw a lot of though was drag queens. They were so fabulous! By far the best dressed of the night. They also provided the main part of the entertainment; singing Kylie Minogue, Renee Geyer, Michael Buble and more.

Although one of the highlights of the night other than the free martinis was the fact that me and Alex managed to be the first 200 guests there, so that meant free goodie bags! Apparently worth over $200. I got free hair products, eyelashes, perfume samples, an equip necklace, culture magazine, hair consultation vouchers, (Lindt!!) chocolate and more. And because I brought my boyfriend, I doubled up on all the girl products – which was most of them.


Aqua Wide Leg Pants

Melrose Lace Bustier

Zu Patent Leather Pumps

Zara Beaded Statement Necklace


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Forest Green


Today was a day off from uni and I didn’t take the opportunity to do the mound of homework and blog projects I had, but decided to socialise instead. (Well, I did take some time to try and find a new bag for uni so I wasn’t completely unproductive). This dress has been sitting in my closet for a while because I bought it during the hot summer days and haven’t got the chance to wear it. I love skater dresses, they’re so comfortable without looking like you’re lounging around at home in track pants. I decided to put it was this peplum belt because I felt like it would be nice to change it up from the usual skinny waist belts. Being another ASOS belt, I realised the majority 16a0 of my belts are. They have such a variety for such a good price, check out some here, a good belt can make any outfit come alive.

I didn’t really have the right jacket to go with the outfit, but i needed one because I was freezing – story of my life. I have so many weird jacket, from neon green blazer to prince of bel air inspired parkas, but i don’t have a simple black jacket. I managed to find a cute moto jacket and a big lapel wrap coat on ebay. Some people don’t appreciate what nice clothes they have. So hopefully they will be previewed on the blog soon.

IMG_6470 IMG_6479 IMG_6482

ASOS Turtle Neck Dress

ASOS Peplum Belt

Joanne Mercer Leather Boots

Randsom Stockings

Lovisa Wishbone Necklace

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